We offer Permanent Make-up. It is a tattoo that we customize for your needs. We offer Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip liner and Lip color. Dena is our Tattoo artist and she is Certified and able to meet with you for a consultation. The process is booked on a 2 hour time slot, but the actual tattooing only takes 30-45 minutes to apply. She will use a topical crème to numb the area first.
Permanent Eyebrows
Most people start to loose the fullness of the brow as they age or would like to change the shape of their own brow. Dena can meet with you and discuss color as well as shape to help you get the look you always wanted !
Permanent Eyeliner
This is a service that can help you with getting ready every morning! Dena can make upper and or lower liner to make your eyes pop! She can make it natural looking or bold.

Permanent Lip Liner
Permanent Lip liner can brighten up the lips. With lip liner you just need a little lip color to enhance the final look.
Permanent Full Lip Color
Dena has a wide variety of lip colors to choose from. Most common is to stay in the natural family so your everyday lip will just be enhanced, then for a special event it can be made darker by adding lipstick over it or a gloss for shine.